北京 100007 中国
38 Jianchang Hutong
(off Guozijian Jie)
Beijing, 100007 China

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田栋梁 / 社会敏感性研究所


标题《对不起》传达了一种对赎罪的需求。田栋梁有过动荡的童年——他回忆起六岁时因家人放高利贷而惹祸上身,在某个不安的下午,他放学回家发现所有东西都被清空,抢掠的人也包括自己的亲戚。从那以后,他跟随家人逃到陌生的城市,换过多所学校,做过各种零工。通过这些具有挑战性的个人经历,田栋梁对诈骗技巧的研究产生了某种兴趣和专业知识。他分析并审视不同的骗术; 这些发现塑造了他复杂而多层次世界观。在视频中,田栋梁对于屈服的再次扮演表达出对无奈的认同感。



*有关伯纳德社会敏感性研究所的更多信息 http://www.socialsensibility.org/

I’m Sorry
Tian Dongliang / Social Sensibility Institute

Oct 5 – Dec 10, 2017

Despite the bricking and emptying of many neighborhood businesses on Jianchang Hutong, Arrow Factory endures. We are extremely pleased to present a new video work by Tian Dongliang and the Social Sensibility Institute entitled I’m Sorry. Re-purposing the window frame from our previous project, Yang Zhenzhong’s Fences, and swapping Yang’s mirror with clear glass, the Arrow Factory façade is now a portal into Tian’s tenacious video performance. Arms raised and fists clenched, Tian re-enacts a heavily shared news image of a Syrian toddler, who, hands raised in fear, believed that the photographer’s camera was a weapon turned upon her. Tian sustains the posture for as long as he can bear before dropping his arms in defeat and walking away.

The title, I’m Sorry, expresses a need for atonement. Tian had a tumultuous early childhood – at six years old he recalls the antics of his loan shark family members. One disquieting afternoon he returned from school to a house stripped clean of everything – his dodgy neighbors and relatives nowhere to be found. A particularly itinerant period during his youth saw him moving with his family to strange towns, switching multiple schools and holding numerous odd jobs. Through these challenging personal experiences, Tian developed a particular interest and expertise in the study of the craft of scams. He analyzes and scrutinizes different methods of deception; his findings informing his complex and layered worldview. Tian’s re-enactment of surrender in the video speaks to an acknowledged sense of helplessness from all sides.

Tian Dongliang (b. 1990, Henan Province) is in his first year working on the assembly line at Bernard Controls. He is a machine operator on the factory floor. 

Since 2011 Alessandro Rolandi has facilitated the Social Sensibility Research and Development Department, an artist-in-residency program embedded at Bernard Controls, a manufacturer of electric actuators for valve automation. The department has realized numerous site-specific projects through interactions between artists and Bernard Control’s staff members. Now, collaborating with Tianji Zhao, the re-named Social Sensibility Institute has evolved to empower the company’s employees to make new, original creations. The Work, Live Series explores the transformative potential of creative processes and experiments with alternative definitions of authorship. 

*Learn more about the Social Sensibility Research Institute at Bernard Controls at http://www.socialsensibility.org/