北京 100007 中国
38 Jianchang Hutong
(off Guozijian Jie)
Beijing, 100007 China

Untitled Document
2012.04.12 展览延期 EXTENDED THRU APRIL 12, 2012


2012年2月5日至3月25日 2012.04.12 展览延期



李杰,1978年生于香港,在香港中文大学获得艺术学士和硕士学位。他主要从事绘画、素描、视频和装置等不同形式的创作,作品大多着眼于自我与日常生活之间的关联。他在温哥华Western Front艺术空间(2011)和香港 Para/Site艺术中心(2007年) 举办过个展,并参加了一系列国际群展和双年展,包括由即将由今年纽约新美术馆举办的“世代”三年展。

It’s Not An Easy Thing
Lee Kit

February 5 – March 25, 2012 EXTENDED THRU APRIL 12, 2012

Arrow Factory is pleased to announce a new installation by Hong Kong artist Lee Kit. Taking the form of an imagined music shop from the 1980s, “It’s Not An Easy Thing” is both an elegiac tribute to a specific moment in time and an aggregation of the artist’s invented memories, tangential associations and bittersweet emotions. Foregoing his usual practice of painting, Lee has chosen instead to sparingly combine assorted daily objects, furniture and music into a common scene reminiscent of another era and another state of mind that oscillates between anticipation and loss, hopefulness and mournful regret. The setting appears typically mundane but the timing and atmosphere it intends to evoke—a mixture of apprehension and excitement upon the eve of a music album release circa 1989—is deeply charged.

“It’s Not An Easy Thing” is inspired by sentiments surrounding the artist’s first visit to Beijing during the dead of winter. The journey triggered in Lee an array of associations and conflicting emotions; fears about experiencing the acute cold translated into trepidations about entering the political space of mainland China and being confronted with unresolved feelings about the past. Lee’s internal agitations—which tend naturally towards the melancholic—compounded by his peripheral position as an outsider from Hong Kong, have yielded a cryptic memorial with fictional and illogical origins. Integral to the atmosphere is the looping soundtrack by Cai Qin, a Taiwanese pop singer active during the 1980s whose saccharine lyrics and romantic melodies flow in and around the installation adding another layer of nostalgia. Borrowing a lyric from Cai’s hit songJust Like Your Tenderness for its title, “It’s Not An Easy Thing” epitomizes Lee’s ongoing effort to reconcile the fragile workings of his inner self with the outward discomforts and injustices he faces in everyday reality.

Lee Kit (b. 1978, Hong Kong) received both his BA and MA in Fine Art from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He normally works in painting, drawing, video, and installation, often concerning himself with the sphere of the everyday. He has held solo shows at the Western Front in Vancouver (2011) and Para/Site Hong Kong (2007) and and has participated in various international group shows and biennials, including this year’s Generational (2012), organized by the New Museum in New York.


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